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Paul and Lynn Taylor

A man’s got two shots forWe are the proud owners of a century home. So many stories to tell but over the years she has become part of the family. Like all of us, as she ages, she requires more care. Enter Green Stucco. We ...


I had Vipeq cork spray applied about 3 years ago, to my 1950’s double brick bungalow, which had no insulation.  Vipeq had many colors to choose from, I picked my color and had it applied and it was done quickly and efficiently.  Since Vipeq sprayed ...

John Clifford & Viviane Gray

We are very satisfied with the Thermal Cork Shield that your firm installed over existing cement stucco, comprising approximately 3000 square feet of our residence. The finish is beautiful and has addressed the deteriorating appearance of the stucco. We cannot attest to energy savings calculations ...

Maryann & Jeff Kalibatas

Hope you’re not too busy to enjoy some of the good weather. It’s been almost one year since the Thermal Corksheild was applied and we really haven’t looked into how it may have impacted our heating costs. There is a noticeable improvement with the comfort level ...

Mark Hunter

We had your Thermal Corkshield applied to our house, which is aluminum sided. The application process was professional, every care was taken to ensure a flawless end result. The end results are a  very pleasing look. Corkshield is very durable and virtually has no maintenance.  ...

Pat Dowsett

Being a single family home, the application of Green Stucco’s thermal cork was a complex undertaking.  Being applied over brick and composite boarding. Green Stucco team did an outstanding job.  The finished product looks spectacular.  The thermal cork has made quite an impression on my neighbors, ...