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  • Does it absorb sound?
    Depending on the surface it is applied to Cork can absorb unwanted echoes and sound. When applied on the exterior of a home it greatly reduces unwanted noise from entering your home.
  • Is it fireproof?
    The product will not propagate flames. For flame spread in the CAN/ULC S102-18 tests we scored a 0 flame spread and a 10/450 for smoke development. Giving it a Class A for flame spread. The product effectively slows down the spread of fire and slows down combustion of the surface.
  • Is it Waterproof and breathable?
    It is water resistant. Just like cork in a wine bottle it will stop the passage of moisture going through however allow it to breath. On your wall it is an effective semi-permeable envelope.
  • Is it flexible?
    The capacity to recover the initial volume after deformation allows it to be very flexible. It can virtually eliminate the cracking seen in most stucco type finishes.
  • What type of surfaces will Thermal CorkShield stick to?
    Because the cork is lined with micro suction-cups that permit it to adhere to the surface without allowing it to slide, it has a High Friction Coefficient, allowing it to adhere to almost any surface! Brick, stucco, wood/composite/metal siding, glass and more. ( we will coat pretty much anything with ...
  • Is it toxic?
    No, we are proud to offer a water-based product with other natural and renewable resources that is non voc and non-toxic.
  • Does it fade like paint?
    Because we dye each mixture on site with our own proprietary pigments, we are seeing less than 1% fade annually, compared to the  5-10%  average that comes with traditional paint and stucco. We also offer ongoing supply of colours along with consistency.
  • Is Thermal CorkShield a green product?
    With our proprietary water based resin and natural cork  from Portugal, we are proud to offer an environmentally friendly and renewable product. We never cut down any Cork trees, we only shave the bark and every 8-10 years for up to 200 years the same tree is ready for re-harvest.
  • How does cork add R value to my home and help with efficiency?
    Cork works along with an already existing or properly engineered wall as a “Functioning Finish”, often the R Value in a wall is compromised by drafts, convection, conduction, or reflection of energy and the insulating properties are greatly reduced. Cork cannot physically freeze or reach temps above 85 degrees F ...
  • Can I lower my energy costs using Thermal CorkShield?
    Certainly, energy savings vary from 10-50%, depending on the structures age and type.
  • How does it stand up to the cold, will it freeze?
    Cork stands up as well in cold environments as well as warm. Cork cannot freeze, this also creates an exterior thermal break and eliminates thermal bridging. Cork remains flexible and buoyant in any temp from – to extreme +.
  • What is Thermal Bridging?
    A thermal bridge is an area ( frequently on a building ) where a significantly higher heat transfer exists in relation to the surrounding materials. This leads to an overall reduction in thermal insulation value.
  • Will I have to modify my building to support the product?
    No, 88% of our Thermal CorkShield product’s volume is air. This translates to a lower density; approx. between 0.12-0.24 quartz/ lb.
  • How is the product applied?
    Once the substrate is made sure to be solid and has integrity, the product is sprayed onto the surface with a texture sprayer by one of the teams in our “Network of Certified Applicators.
  • Can it be used on my new home?
    It sure can be used in a variety of methods. It is used as the finish coat in any stucco system, and as the finish coat on concrete and smart board systems.
  • What colours are available?
    We currently have over 24 vibrant and rich colours, each year we introduce more into the spectrum.
  • What other uses are there for Thermal CorkShield?
    We have applied to pool decks, rv roofs and walls, campers ( fiber glass and metal) , ice fishing shacks, utility and recreational trailers, industrial equipment and tanks, and more. The same warranty will not apply that applies on a regular exterior walls however the durability will blow you away.
  • What is the warranty?
    The warranty has just gone up from 10 years to 15 years given our past performance we were able to raise it just this year!!!
  • What is the cost to have it applied on my building?
    Each and every project is unique, giving repairs, prep and volume, an average house is priced from $6-9 CND per square foot. We have applicators set up throughout North America to make sure we can get quotes and projects done in a timely matter.
  • How does a contractor become involved with the product?
    Vipeq Canada and Vipeq America has set there dealers up to offer “Application Packages” which include the equipment, marketing, and training necessary to become one of our exclusive certified applicators. Speak to your local dealer or a V.C. / V.A rep to find out more.