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  • Client:Construction Company
  • Location:London Donec eleifend 96502
  • Surface Area:500,000 m2
  • Year Completed:2017
  • Value:$550.000
  • Architect:Harri & Gary

VIPEQ®F08 sprayed cork lining in Canada

VIPEQ® sprayed cork is a totally ecological coating  that can be sprayed on almost any surface with unique features, in addition to achieving a special color and aesthetic. We can see the state of the wood before the projected cork VIPEQ®F08, showing the significant change after applying it.

With the application of the projected cork we achieve that our home reaches higher levels of sustainability, being a natural product ♻️, such as wood, animal or vegetable fibers, with a low level of industrial processing.

The projected cork VIPEQ® is an ecological product that meets the current demands for protection and preservation of the environment🌎. And with our 10-year guarantee ‍!

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